Original D Troop Guide-on, complete with rocket fragment scars, courtesy Tom Shaughnessy.
Variation on a theme(s), combines guide-on with “Tree Top Airlines” Snoopy.  Designed by John Gayle.
Nicely done Aero Rifle patch picks up guide-on theme.
Shamrock “Slicks” had their own guide-on inspired patch.
Photos (Clockwise from Top Right):  “Cooking up a song”, D&HQ mess personnel; “I’m A Lumberjack And I’m Okay”, Roland Scheetz and Rich Emde; Ron Adams wonders how in the hell he got here; Watching D Troop set up camp, “There goes the neighborhood!”; Undoubtedly the funniest photo in D Troop Archives - That is one unhappy canine!
Scouts had to be different.  Nice patch, though.
If you served with D Troop, are a relative or friend of someone who did, or if you’re just interested in this unique unit, please email us at d10orderlyroom@gmail.com.  We’ll keep in touch so you know what’s happening, and help you get in touch with fellow Shamrocks.

If you are a D Trooper who is checking in for the first time, please include your physical address and phone number for inclusion on the roster.  If you have stayed in touch with other D Troopers through the years, we encourage you to have them contact us or provide contact information.

Our current contact roster includes over 400 names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information. For this reason, distribution of the contact roster is limited to D Troop personnel, family members, and qualified others. To obtain a copy (.xls), email a request to d10orderlyroom@gmail.com.

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