D Troop 1/10th Cavalry, 1966-1971

“The Original D Troop”

Shamrocks in Vietnam

If you served with D Troop, are a relative or friend of someone who did, or if you’re just interested in this unique unit, please email us at d10orderlyroom@gmail.com.  We’ll keep in touch so you know what’s happening.

If you’re looking for a fellow Shamrock, our current contact roster includes over 400 names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information. Access is limited. Email us for more information, or do like all D Troopers did 50 years ago and just write us:

The Original D Troop
C/0 Ron Adams
4470 Lucerne Place
Lilburn, GA  30047


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Original D Troop Guide-on, complete with rocket fragment scars.
Variation on a theme(s), combines guide-on with Snoopy and armed doghouse.
Nicely done Aero Rifle patch picks up guide-on theme.
Shamrock “Slicks” had their own guide-on inspired patch.

10th Cavalry insignia honors “Buffalo Soldier” heritage.

Another Slick patch variant, with Shamrock theme.

Cobra Jock’s take on Shamrock theme

Light Scouts were always doing their own thing.

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