Ronald D. Hart, KIA, February 16, 1967.  Below, helipad sign at Camp Enari.  Camp’s Hensel AAF was named for D Troop KIA WO Ernest Hensel who was shot down with Hart.
Ronald D. Hart, SP4
Ernest V. Hensel, CWO
Clifford N. Mize, SSG
Danny Bolin, PFC
Donald Kemble, 1LT

R. Kermit Honaker, SP4
Charlie M. Leonard, SP4
Scott D. Reed, PFC
Pablo B. Garcia, SFC
Rand R. Merker, WO
James H. Owens, Jr., CW2
Gregory Rugenstein, SGT
Harold D. Beach, CPL

Raymond L. Hodges, SGT
Joe Luna, SP4
Thomas H. Messer, SSG
Nick E. Sanchez, SGT
Donald R. Smith, CPL

Clifford E. Bench, SP4
D Troop honors those of our Brothers whose names are on
“The Wall” at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.
D Troop deployed to Vietnam in September, 1966. There were no KIA’s that year.  When the unit stood down in 1971, some personnel and aircraft were reorganized into H Troop, 1/10th Cavalry and remained in country.  H Troop KIA’s were:
(Information in H Troop section gathered from the website  
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is looking for photos for all the names on “The Wall” for their “Faces Not Forgotten” program.  D Troopers for whom no photos are currently available include Ernest V. Hensel Jr. Clifford N. Mize, Charlie Leonard, Rand R. Merker and James H. Owens Jr.  If you have a photo of any of these men, contact the Foundation at
Robert Homschek, PFC

Paul Pesce, SP4
Thomas Powell, CPT
Daryl R. Kunzler, 1LT
Robert F. Wilcoxon, 1LT
Frederick Suttle, Jr., CPT
Robert Frakes  (KIA 26 January, 1973, one hour before the “official” cease fire for American forces in the Vietnam War)
“Faces Not Forgotten”. Photo of KIA SSG Thomas Messer, furnished to the VVMF by John Morrell.
“We Remember”
Gabriel Garcia, son of SFC Pablo Garcia, proudly shows a photo of his dad.  Gabriel is active in Vietnam Veterans recognition efforts in San Antonio, TX, and attended the 2013 Shamrock Stand Down in DC.
Photo right:  D Trooper Jim Jeanes hugs Deborah Beach Jones, sister of KIA Harold Beach at 2013 memorial in N.C..
Photo L.:  Vietnam-era “jungle” boots are often left as personal memorials at “The Wall”