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All those who served in D Troop during its deployment between 1966 and 1971 form a continuous thread in the history of this unique unit's involvement in the Vietnam conflict.  We consider all these men brothers, and we encourage all D Troopers to contact us.  Other sites featuring D Troop include Tom Wilson's (69-70) at;   Another site with lots of pictures is  Select "Cav", "10th", and "D Troop".
D Troop's "Advance Party" was transported to Vietnam on the USNS Core, a World War II escort carrier built in 1943 and operated by MSTS (Military Sea Transportation Service). For more about the USNS Core, visit The main body of D Troop made the voyage on the USNS Pope, a WWII-era transport. More information on the USNS Pope can be found at
The 4th Infantry Division served in both World Wars, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  In World War II, the "Ivymen" went ashore on D-Day (June 6 1944) at Utah Beach and components were the first American forces to enter Paris.  The division earned a reputation for dependability in Vietnam, serving in-country from 1966-1970.  Much decorated in the war in Iraq, the Division is now headquartered at Fort Carson, CO.  The 4th Infantry Division Association,, welcomes all 4th Division veterans and has an active 1/10th Cavalry unit chapter..
The 9th and 10th Cavalry, the original African-American "Buffalo Soldier" units, occupy a unique and legendary spot in America's western heritage.  For more information about the Buffalo Soldiers, visit  The National Buffalo Soldiers Museum, in Houston is dedicated to exhibiting the contributions of African-American soldiers throughout US history.  Their site at  (10th Cavalry Buffalo crest, upper left.)
The official Vietnam Veterans of America site is  Two national Army Aviation Vietnam veterans organizations are:  Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA), and Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA),
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (“The Wall”) is the only privately maintained and managed memorial in Washington, DC. , and is now attempting to fund a visitors interpretive center on site.  To find out more about this project and how you can help with this and other projects, visit
AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Saigon) and later AFVN (Armed Forces Vietnam Network) "Dawn Busters" morning radio show and its DJ's, and other AFVN programming, provided a soundtrack for the war for many, bringing a taste of home...along with a bit of anyone with a transistor radio.  For a taste of the real sound of "Good Morning, Vietnam", go to  You can listen to contemporary radio broadcasts on
Red Cross Clubmobile Recreation Workers, better known as "Donut Dollies", were women volunteers whose mission it was to bring a bit of home to troops Vietnam.  Dollies served a one-year tour and frequently found themselves enduring many of the same hardships and dangers as the troops, especially in forward areas.  Learn more at
Veterans Issues
“The Original D Troop” encourages all Vietnam Veterans to get information about and, if necessary, assistance in obtaining, VA healthcare and benefits they have earned.  Veterans and their families ought to monitor changes in guidelines and directives on both care and compensation.  Here are some helpful links to information and assistance:
All who served in Vietnam are eligible for access to VA healthcare.  For information on VA healthcare and how to apply:, by phone at 877-222-VETS, or visit your local VA health care facility.
Agent Orange, a defoliant used throughout the Vietnam theater, poses the most significant pathological threat to Vietnam Vets, with related conditions that include certain forms of cancer, heart disease, type II Diabetes, and others.  The VA does not require proof of exposure, only proof of service in-country. For more information about agent orange related issues:
Recent VA directives require consideration of benefits for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) regardless of whether veterans were directly involved in combat.  PTSD manifests itself in multiple symptoms and Veterans should seek help immediately if they feel suicidal or suffer other socially dysfunctional symptoms.  For PTSD information, visit:, and
Application for VA compensation for service-related disabilities is a separate process from application for healthcare, though the two functions are interrelated, and the process of verification and acceptance can take considerable time and the quicker you get started, the better.  For more information on compensation:
D Troopers Al Peterson and Marty Contreras have become D Troop’s “go to” guys for helping with application for VA benefits and welcome your inquiries about the process.  In addition you can obtain assistance from your County Veterans Service Officer (listed in your phone book under county offices), and/or a local Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, or Vietnam Veterans Association chapter.
(Above)  D Troopers waiit to board the USNS Core in Tacoma, WA, August, 1966. (P. D. Dowling)
The 4th Infantry Division Iraq War Memorial at Ft. Hood, TX.  The Division is now headquartered at Ft. Carson, CO.
“Donut Dolly” group on arrival in Vietnam.  (P. Holley Watts).  These Red Cross volunteers were a familiar sight in RVN.
D Troopers’ memorial wreath presentation at “The Wall”, April, 2013.  L-R, Duncan Dowling, Doug Donnell, (front) Bill Miller, Leon Smith, Al Peterson, and Ron Adams.

Shamrock “Challenge Coin” designed by  D Trooper Jerry Husgen.   For information, contact Jerry at