D Troop 1/10th Cavalry, 1966-1971

“The Original D Troop”

Shamrocks in Vietnam

Shamrocks Today

“The D Troop Project” began in 2004 with a reunion of six “Originals” (those who were part of the initial deployment in 1966) in Las Vegas.  Over the years, the group has reached out to embrace all Vietnam-Era D Troopers.  We enjoy a unique and joyful brotherhood with ever growing circles of friendships and are always seeking ways to actively share our Shamrock pride.

Today’s Shamrocks are a vibrant “non-organization” dedicated to locating all our Brothers, restoring them to the group, and recognizing their service to their country.  In all we do, we seek to honor these men in a way that was, for many, denied them at the time of their service.

Shamrocks pay no fees or membership dues. We have no paid staff, with volunteers (so, ok, a few have been “drafted”) doing everything that needs to be done to keep the effort going, including the planning and management of our memorable Shamrock Family Reunions, which take place every Spring in different cities across the country.

Join us today and discover how “a year spent together a long time ago made us Brothers for life.”

Above:  First “Originals” Reunion Photo, 2004
Below:   D Troopers Enjoy a side trip to Ft. Wolters, TX, in 2011.  Beautiful day!

Below:  That’s a bunch of Shamrocks!  Posing by the hotel pool at the 2016 Atlanta reunion.  Other reunion host cities have been Las Vegas, Kansas City, Branson, Fort Worth, Orlando, and Reno.