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We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously
We’re family friendly, with family members always welcome at our reunions. Attendees enjoy our always active and noisy hospitality suite, and Saturday’s night’s banquet is always a special event for all.
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“Ready for Reno in 2018”

Photo, Left - No, it’s not a swim meet for Old Guys.  D Troopers make a splash in the group photo from the 2016 Shamrock Standdown in Atlanta.

“The D Troop Project” began with a reunion of six “Originals” in 2003 in Las Vegas.  Over the years, the group has reached out to embrace all Vietnam-Era D Troopers.  We enjoy a unique and joyful brotherhood with ever growing circles of friendships, both old and new, and actively share our Shamrock pride.

Today’s Shamrocks are proud to represent a unique unit that served in Vietnam for over 5 years and occupies a unique page in the history of  Army Aviation..  We are a vibrant “non-organization” dedicated to locating all our Brothers, restoring them to the group, and recognizing their service to their country.  In all we do, we seek to honor these men in a way that was, for many, denied them at the time of their service.

Shamrocks pay no fees or membership dues. We have no paid staff, with volunteers (so, ok, a few have been “drafted”) doing everything that needs to be done to keep the effort going, including the planning and management of our joyous and memorable “Shamrock Stand Down” reunions.

If you’re a Vietnam-era D Trooper, or a relative or friend of one, we invite you to Contact Us and discover how “A year together long ago, made us Brothers for a lifetime.”

We’re headed for “The Biggest Little City In The West”, beautiful Reno, Nevada, for this year’s Shamrock Family Reunion, May 1-3, 2018, at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, one of Reno’s premier destinations.   

In addition to spending time with our ever growing D Troop Family at the reunion itself, Reno offers some outstanding travel attractions.  Do some sightseeing around beautiful Lake Tahoe, indulge your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) at Virginia City, or spend the day just enjoying the attractions in Reno.

Rooms begin at just $69 plus tax and that includes a host of bennies like free internet, pool and spa use, parking and airport shuttle.   Reunion highlights will include an opening evening reception, always popular hospitality suite, and famous banquet.

Make your reservation by phone at 800-723-6500, use code SDTSD18.  Online: 84347

Nancy Sinatra Won’t Be At This Year’s Reunion…

But D Troop did provide her transportation when she visited Camp Enari in 1967.

Originals Manny Maldonado and Jim Hamlin check out a classsic dragster in CA.