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We’re the web “Base Camp” for Veterans who served with D Troop, 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry, in Vietnam, 1966-1971.  In 2016, we marked the 50th anniversary of D Troop’s initial deployment to Vietnam in September, 1966.

An element of the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division, D Troop was a pioneer unit in on-the-job development of Air Cavalry operations. Small, lightly armed “Scouts” searched for the enemy while heavily armed “gunships” provided strategic and defensive fire support, and “Slicks” ferried the unit’s Aero Rifle Platoon, along with supplies and equipment, into remote LZ’s.   

Initially located at “Dragon Mountain Base Camp” (later Camp Enari), which it literally helped clear and build near Pleiku in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, D Troop also operated from Camp Radcliff at An Khe, and Lane Army Airfield near Qui Nhon, before returning to the US.

For Veteran Shamrocks, D Troop was a unit that served with dogged distinction throughout its involvement in the Vietnam conflict, yet never lost it’s uniqueness and quirky independence.  This site is dedicated to all who made this unit such a special place to serve during those difficult times...and who proudly say today – “We Are D Troop!”
Welcome Home!
Door Gunners Bob Burns and  Dennis Jorgensen (DAT) show off Original Huey “Cavalry” nose art (‘67) (Photo - Bob Burns)
“Slick Driver” 1LT Tim LaTour strikes a pose next to his UH-1D (‘69-’70). (Photo - Tim LaTour)
“Originals” first reunion photo (‘03): (L-R) Manuel Maldonado, Marty Contreras, Steve Moreno, Doug Donnell, Paul Hradil (DAT), Phil Passmore.
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No Hollywood, just the real thing! (SSG Van Horn with captured weapon, 1969), “History”
Shamrock Huey on mission in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, 1968. “Delta” Troop’s crews flew hundreds of hours in a typical “Tour”, and the Huey’s familiar “whop whop” sound became an anthem for Vietnam Veterans.
 We’re Ready For Reno in 2018 “Shamrocks Today”

Brothers Forever!